Tables for INCA

Tables for INCA #

March 2015

Tables designed and built for INCA Seattle contemporary art space. These tables were designed as display surfaces for gallery shows. As INCA regularly rearranged interior space to accomodate different art exhibitions, the tables were designed to be quickly assembled and disassembled. Structural integrity is created by panels slotted into grooves and tensioned with tie-down straps, no adhesives or fasteners are used. When disassembled, all panels stack flat for storage and transportation. Generic store-bought tie-down straps are used to tension the table structure. The tie downs can be easily replaced when worn, or changed to different color schemes to coordinate with other elements in the space.

Melamine-veneered plywood, maple-veneered plywood, polyester ratchet straps.

  • Plinth table 24" L x 24" W x 36" H
  • Large table 96" L x 36" W x 36" H

INCA plinth and large table INCA large table overall view INCA large table side view